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Spring Break Shark Attack

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It is Spring Break in the small area of Southern Florida. Lots of pretty girls, lots of guys looking for girls, and a good time. Little do they know, an evil couple has been angry with the beach owner for stealing his customers. He and his fiance, Marti have been keeping some tiger sharks in their lagoon which isn't too far from the beach. 

Meanwhile right after her high school graduation, Leslie Hillard and her brother, Wesley talked their parents into letting them meet their friends in Florida for Spring Break. Leslie would be meeting up with her crush, Hayden there. She has no idea that her supposed best friend, Nicole likes him, too and will stop at nothing to make him hers.

Cast(More are welcome and will be added):

Leslie Hillard: Kim Winchester
Wesley Hillard:
Nicole Sullivan:
Mark Ryland(The man who keeps a lagoon of sharks): CJ(Reserved)
Marti Baker(Mark's fiance):
Hayden Morrison:




It was a warm sunny day and Leslie was racing around finishing packing for the trip. It had taken a good while to talk her parents into letting her go on the trip. She was not about to let this go. She wanted to meet her friends in Florida for vacation. She finished packing and zipped her suitcase shut.  She threw on her white tennis shoes and raced down the stairs carrying her suitcase. She carried it outside to her brother's Ford Ranger truck. It was white in color and was an extend cab. 

Wes had just placed his own suitcase in the rear of the truck. Noticing Leslie's single suitcase, he grinned at her and said, "Thanks for limiting your luggage, Sis." 

"Cute, Wes." Leslie said and they both laughed.

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