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Should The Board Be Kept as RPG?

Should The Board Be Kept as RPG?  

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  1. 1. Should The Board Be Kept as RPG?

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The board should definitely stay a RP board, but the accent should be put more on the RPG and Writings areas. It'd be good if those 2 areas would be actually integrated with the board more by introducing a "Switch Account" feature like the one on JFH. It would give members the chance to create character accounts for their RP characters.


It wouldn't be a bad idea if some board sections would be dropped in favor of expanding the RPG and Writings areas to other forms, shapes and themes of RPG and Writing. In which case, expanding to other areas of media wouldn't be a bad choice. 


But if you decide to drop the RPG aspect of the board, then you should definitely put more accent on other areas and still have the RPG aspect be an addition to the board. This is the same problem I had on E-Zone ---> too much of everything. It's why I made the E-Zone Roleplayers Community. 

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Then the best way to go is what I did. You'll be able to open your board to much more and accomplish what you want. 


Not counting the announcements category, you have 5 categories on the forum index - Community, Media Showcase, Roleplaying, Writings and Off-Topic. That's fine. But that's exactly where it gets complicated. Here's why:


The Community category consists of 5 forums: Introductions & Celebrations, Interview Center, Tournament Arena, Discussions and Advertisements. That would be fine if the Discussion forum wouldn't have 6 sub-forums and 13 sub-sub forums within those 6 sub-forums. You have more sub-sub-forums in just the Community category than sub-forums in a main forum. When I was coming up with the latest (and hopefully final) layout for my board, I was careful about how many forums and sub-forums I have in a single forum category. For example, the "Writer Starters" category on my board has 6 main forums and I was very careful that the complete amount of sub-forums in a single forum doesn't exceed the amount of main forums in a given category (Example: 6 forums --> 4 sub-forums max in 1 forum). Of course there are some exceptions to that, but for the most part, I got it right. 


The rest of the categories on RL don't have this problem, but I still think that you should fuse some of the sub-sub-forums together and lower the amount of sub-forums for starters so there would be an ammount balance inbetween main forums within categories, sub-forums and sub-sub-forums. The board would be organized much better that way and you'll be able to make those sections more accessible to everyone. It will also be more practical - not just for your members, but for you as well. 


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