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Take 2. I hope I get it rght this time. 

Here is some positive feedback and hopefully, good suggesstions:

- The Vuex skin looks great. I've just switched to it. But the text and the links at the end of the page need some editing.

- Again, the forum layout looks great. Especially the Writings and RPG areas. I think I'm getting used to it as it is (finally). I guess I just needed some time. 

- Have you considered adding a Calendar block to the sidebar? That way, members could easily keep track of important board events, birthdays, celebrations, board updates, etc.. 

- RPG-themed/Writings-themed skins. I know no RPGs have been started yet, and this might do the trick and get things going RPG-wise. However, the "Tornado Storm" story is an excellent one and I think it deserves to be represented in a forum skin (Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I had to suggesst this. It's an amazing and a educational story).


I'll have more suggesstions soon. 

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I noticed that the default purple theme has a lot of white text on white backgrounds (for example, in the text area when you type out your post). This is impossible to read without highlighting - so, for now, I've switched to the Aqua theme (which doesn't have this problem). 


Perhaps it'd be worth fixing this on the purple theme?

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