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  1. Wow 😮 . I've only watched the first one, but it's rather amusing... these are like Epic Rap Battles of History, but better 😄 . I'll have to watch the rest at some point 😛 .
  2. (So, are we going to start this RPG at some point 😛 ?)
  3. Banned for not telling me I banned you in the wrong thread... I only just noticed 😛 !
  4. I'd say so. It's an important part of the board's identity 🙂 .
  5. Awww, thanks! Banned for being a great writer.
  6. I noticed that the default purple theme has a lot of white text on white backgrounds (for example, in the text area when you type out your post). This is impossible to read without highlighting - so, for now, I've switched to the Aqua theme (which doesn't have this problem). Perhaps it'd be worth fixing this on the purple theme?
  7. Awww, thanks! Banned for being fun to role play with.
  8. Looks good to me 🙂 . I'll have to use one of these to improve my garden when it's released!
  9. I don't have it yet, but I might get some soon 😛 . Would you recommend this one?
  10. Sounds good to me 🙂 . Thanks for the explanation!
  11. Banned for having the same signature banner on here as on my own board 😛 .
  12. https://hellosidney.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Who-are-you-in-SCREAM-test-Dewey-Riley.jpg (Sorry, can't figure out how to do images on here!)
  13. Right now, me and Daisy Johnson 😛 .
  14. Between coffee and tea, definitely coffee. I have that on a daily basis; however, I hardly ever drink tea 😛 .
  15. Banned because your signature has a white line at the edge of it 😛 .
  16. Thanks for the welcomes 🙂 !
  17. R.I.P. Michael Collins 😢 My condolences to his friends and family.
  18. Hi guys, I'm Kyng, otherwise known as CJ. I'm 30 years old, from the United Kingdom, and I work as a software developer. My hobbies and interests include railways, sports (especially Formula One), gaming, and - of course - forumming! I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody here 😄 .
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