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  1. July 2021 Site & Board Updates - Part II Better late than never. I am now officially back.
  2. Then the best way to go is what I did. You'll be able to open your board to much more and accomplish what you want. Not counting the announcements category, you have 5 categories on the forum index - Community, Media Showcase, Roleplaying, Writings and Off-Topic. That's fine. But that's exactly where it gets complicated. Here's why: The Community category consists of 5 forums: Introductions & Celebrations, Interview Center, Tournament Arena, Discussions and Advertisements. That would be fine if the Discussion forum wouldn't have 6 sub-forums and 13 sub-sub forums within those 6 sub-forums. You have more sub-sub-forums in just the Community category than sub-forums in a main forum. When I was coming up with the latest (and hopefully final) layout for my board, I was careful about how many forums and sub-forums I have in a single forum category. For example, the "Writer Starters" category on my board has 6 main forums and I was very careful that the complete amount of sub-forums in a single forum doesn't exceed the amount of main forums in a given category (Example: 6 forums --> 4 sub-forums max in 1 forum). Of course there are some exceptions to that, but for the most part, I got it right. The rest of the categories on RL don't have this problem, but I still think that you should fuse some of the sub-sub-forums together and lower the amount of sub-forums for starters so there would be an ammount balance inbetween main forums within categories, sub-forums and sub-sub-forums. The board would be organized much better that way and you'll be able to make those sections more accessible to everyone. It will also be more practical - not just for your members, but for you as well.
  3. The board should definitely stay a RP board, but the accent should be put more on the RPG and Writings areas. It'd be good if those 2 areas would be actually integrated with the board more by introducing a "Switch Account" feature like the one on JFH. It would give members the chance to create character accounts for their RP characters. It wouldn't be a bad idea if some board sections would be dropped in favor of expanding the RPG and Writings areas to other forms, shapes and themes of RPG and Writing. In which case, expanding to other areas of media wouldn't be a bad choice. But if you decide to drop the RPG aspect of the board, then you should definitely put more accent on other areas and still have the RPG aspect be an addition to the board. This is the same problem I had on E-Zone ---> too much of everything. It's why I made the E-Zone Roleplayers Community.
  4. I switched to the Bravo 6 Theme. Nice skin choice. If you need help with the forum layout, just say the word. 😄
  5. Can't wait to see what you have in store. Don't keep us waiting (for too long). 😄
  6. After a month without any updates, E-Zone is and will be getting some love this month. I'm currently in process of expanding both boards (E-Zone and its RP sister board). Of course, E-Zone will be the priority this month as far as development goes. More info: July 2021 Site & Board Updates - Part I Change in direction
  7. There haven't been any updates for almost a month now since I'm in the process of helping one of my family members decorate their new appartment and also renting my own. I have been busy with other appartment non-related stuff as well, which is the reason for my complete absence from the internet. I even didn't have access to Wi-fi. Once I get everything resolved, the updates on the E-Zone will resume, as well as advertising, work on the official social media profiles and much more. That includes my presence and activity here on Roleplayers Legacy.
  8. This may also be the final morph from any Ranger from the 1993 multi-verse. Yeah, I'd say it's sad, but it's also enouraging, because we might be getting an upgraded version of the franchise soon that doesn't involve adapting the Sentai footage. It's clear that the cast and crew have enjoyed working together and that they have created a lot of good memories on the set when filming the season. We don't know what's next, but just looking at that crew member's face while talking to the cast - it's clear that Hasbro has big plans for the franchise. Which is what exactly this video shows.
  9. Since I got a new date for my drivers exam (for the license), I've decided to postpone any further work on E-Zone until I pass the exam. The official website and all planned additions will be completed/added post-exam time. However, I did add a couple of new skins: Apogee and JediNight.
  10. I eat anything I can make at home. Same goes for the drinks (not alchocolic ones though). I found that's the best way to go because 1) you know what you are eating/drinking, 2) you make the amount of food your body is used to and 3) it's more affordable.
  11. I was in the hospital from Aprl 5th to April 15th. I'm okay now but I have to maintian my guard so I don't come into the tempation of eating/drinking what I'm not supposed to.
  12. I've read on RB that Sentai isn't doing very good. It might end soon and if Hasbro continues with Sentai adaptations, maybe they could adapt the Sentai seasons that are actually adaptable for Western audiences, since Sentai has been getting more Japanese-tradition treatment. Pre-Zyu seasons are out of the question since they were produced back when the casting, writing, the acting and the directing were all done differently and some elements from those seasons wouldn't get a green light anyway, not even from Netflix. As for Dino Fury, I hope the season maintinas the quality it has shown in its first 8 episodes. It'd be a shame if the second half gets the Super Dino Charge treatment. Too bad I won't be able to watch it on Netflix since I don't have access to it at this time.
  13. I think it's a good idea for the show to go streaming ways. Maybe Netflix will allow for the return of the 40-episode format for a single season, which would enable for the yearly team-ups to return if they keep the Sentai adaptations going.
  14. No, I'm not, but I let my guard down (due to some family-related issues) and drank so much that my immune system couldn't take it. It's why corona and the full infection of my lungs got the best of me. I was hospitalized for 15 days.
  15. I've seen a couple of episodes and they're done a lot better than before. It's nice they're paying homege to previous seasons by using the Morphing Masters. However, the way things are standing now for the Super Sentai adaptations, I think Dino Fury might be the final season to feature footage, sets, props and costumes from a Super Sentai season. Hasbro is aiming towards expanding the PR franchise. But I do hope they at least make a 30th season and put it on Netlfix since new episodes are already being uploded to that streaming platform. It also seems that Nick is also dropping the show. Just a 20 episode anniverarry season hosted by cast members from every season would be a decent send-off for the current format the show currently uses.
  16. My favorte drink is Coca-Cola, but I can't drink it now anymore due to official prohibition from my personal doctor. So I'm going to go with either tea or lemonade.
  17. I've been looking info on Wikipedia on information on this TV series. I've got to say I'm interested in all the spin-offs that have aired so far.
  18. Loving the new forum layout. It's much cleaner-looking now. It's easy to find the right forum, I had trouble before locating some of the forums. Also, like I said in theshoutbox: The Dynamic skin rocks. Keep up the good work. 😄
  19. New staff positions are now available on the E-Zone. I am seeking 2 forum moderators and 2 forum administrators.
  20. Recent Updates: - Official social media profiles for E-Zone opened. Work is ongoing on getting them all up and running. - Official e-mail for the board has been regietered. - A sidebar was added. - "Forum Help" forum is now a forum and feedback forum. - Official website is being planned out. - Affiliates system is now activated (obviously). - New skins are being planned - some with the left sidebar, and some with the right sidebar. - Along with the new skins, a completely new selection of smilies will be added and will be replacing the default selection of the same.
  21. I added your board the affiliates sytem on my board using your user id via the ACP.
  22. Take 2. I hope I get it rght this time. Here is some positive feedback and hopefully, good suggesstions: - The Vuex skin looks great. I've just switched to it. But the text and the links at the end of the page need some editing. - Again, the forum layout looks great. Especially the Writings and RPG areas. I think I'm getting used to it as it is (finally). I guess I just needed some time. - Have you considered adding a Calendar block to the sidebar? That way, members could easily keep track of important board events, birthdays, celebrations, board updates, etc.. - RPG-themed/Writings-themed skins. I know no RPGs have been started yet, and this might do the trick and get things going RPG-wise. However, the "Tornado Storm" story is an excellent one and I think it deserves to be represented in a forum skin (Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I had to suggesst this. It's an amazing and a educational story). I'll have more suggesstions soon.
  23. Where to get the inspiration for your stories? The best writing inspiration source for stories I think is the combination of reading a lot of different books, being social and keep track of TV shows where important life themes are discussed/mentioned, like cooking shows, sport shows, informative shows and documentaries and the most important - your own life experiences. For example, in Serbia, a known and a very-well established TV screenwriter & producer used to write down all ideas for his TV series on napkins and the names of the characters by looking at phone books. He's produced about a dozen TV series by now and they were all perfectly received. Some of them got 10+ re-airings. He's also published a lot of books and newspaper articles.
  24. Welcome back... to your online home. 😄
  25. Hello. My name is Mihailo and I go by Mnikolic on message boards. I am currently single and looking for a girlfriend (but that's for another place). I'm interested in fan fiction and other forms of writing and I'm looking into doing some writing of my own in the near future. I'm 33 years old. I graduated higher school (in the country where I previousely lived) as an engenieer of informatics. I'm also into forums as well. I'm the owner of the E-Zone (which Kim used to own and lead) and its upcoming roleplay version, which is currently in development. I also enjoy visiting and reading trough some writing work on Roleplayers Legacy (Tornado Storm) and so far, I'm enjoying it. Keep up the good work, Kim! 😄
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