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  1. https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/a36720049/fathers-day-restaurant-deals/
  2. I found this just a few minutes ago. Enjoy PR fans!
  3. A battle had begun between Tal-Ro and Kal-El/Superman on Earth. It was a heated battle in the middle of a desert. Finally, Tal-Ro had Superman pinned down and was just about to deliver the final death blow when both men heard a female voice call out, "Dad, stop!" Both men were shocked as they turned towards the unknown female. "Jana?" Tal-Ro asked, "How are you here?" "Alura sent me. She knew you would try this." Jana answered. "She thought seeing me would appeal to your sense of humanity." "I care nothing for these humans." He said. "I don't believe that!" Jana snapped at him. She then glanced to her uncle. "Kal, are you all right?" "I'm fine, Jana." Kal answered. Tal-Ro finally says after he has heard enough, "Take her with you. I will give you three days to come to your senses and join me." Kal nodded and he slid an arm around Jana's shoulders. "Stay close. I'm taking you to my family's farm." Jana nodded and they flew off toward the Kent Farm ----------------------- Characters Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman Lois Lane: Clark's wife and mother of the twins Jonathan Kent: One of the twin sons of Clark and Lois's. He doesn't have powers...yet Jordan Kent: The other twin and he has powers in small bursts. Tal-Ro/Morgan Edge: Rich Developer who is revealed to be the maternal half-brother of Clark/Kal's. Jana-Ro(Original Character created by me): Biological daughter of Tal-Ro who was living on Argo with Alura-El (Kal-El's aunt). Her further backstory will be revealed in the RPG by me. She is the same age as the twins(teenage). General Sam Lane: Father of Lois, father-in-law to Clark/Kal-El, and grandfather of the twins. a no-nonsense, workaholic Army general who is determined to keep America and the world safe from all threats **I may bring in Lana and her family later**
  4. Below is just some of the shows that air on The CW with their official premiere dates for this fall. October 1 - Penn & Teller: Fool Us(8 PM) October 2 - iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 1(8 PM) October 3 - iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 2(8 PM) October 8 - Penn & Teller: Fool Us(8 PM), Nancy Drew(9 PM) October 9 - Whose Line Is It Anyway?(8 PM), Whose Line Is It Anyway?(8:30 PM), World's Funniest Animals(9 PM), World's Funniest Animals(9:30 PM) October 10 - Legends of the Hidden Table(8 PM), Killer Camp(9 PM) October 13 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow(8 PM), Batwoman(9 PM) October 14 - Coroner(8 PM), Legacies(9 PM) October 25 - All American(8 PM), 4400(9 PM) October 28 - Walker(8 PM), Legacies(9 PM) November 16 - The Flash(8 PM), Riverdale(9 PM) All times are Eastern Tome Zone.
  5. I updated all themes I made so they now look a lot better. Special thanks to @Nilla for your help. I also started planning for Tournaments and Screencapping. More updates are coming soon!
  6. Season 15 of Heartland is a go! They got renewed! New episodes coming in October! October 17th to be exact!
  7. According to both imdb.com and a video on YouTube, we now know some episode titles. 1. iStart Over 2. iHate iCarly 3. iFauxpologize 4. iFound a Way 5. iKeep a Secret 6. iMourn Grandad 7. iGet a Divorce I will post more once I know. iCarly reboot comes to ParamountTV on June 17th.
  8. This says it all! Special thanks to You Guys!
  9. I found out just now that season 3 of Nancy Drew on TheCW has its fall premiere date. It returns on October 8, 2021. This post was on Facebook via the Nancy Drew Page.
  10. Netflix will begin airing Dino Fury as of Monday the 15th.
  11. Here is some info on the upcoming pond tool which will be coming just before the new expansion pack which will be released on July 22. Link: Click To Read
  12. Yes, I would. I have it. I have them all in Sims 4.
  13. I know. This is a tad bit early. I think they did this for their own nostalgia.
  14. Hey Guys! Below is the official Member Ladder which will come into effect the more you post. Newbie: 0 – 39 Posts Rookie: 40 – 89 Posts Apprentice: 90 – 184 Posts Explorer: 185 – 249 Posts Contributor: 250 – 399 Posts Enthusiast: 400 – 799 Posts Collaborator: 800 – 1,299 Posts Community Regular: 1,300 – 1,349 Posts Rising Star: 1, 950 – 2,599 Posts Proficient: 2,600 – 3,899 Posts Experienced: 3,900 – 5,199 Posts Mentor: 5,200 – 9,099 Posts Veteran: 9,100 – 12,999 Posts Grand Master: 13,000 +
  15. As you can see we are now upgraded to IPB version 4.6. I created a few new themes. Among them are; Cotton Candy Pinkage Blueberry I may do more but am currently searching for a dark skin. Also, yes we are currently without a shoutbox again. Our previous one was not compatible with the new upgrade in software. Sorry about that! I added a Member Ladder in Support Topics.
  16. I just copied and pasted the entire image and it worked. Edit: There ya go.
  17. Based off the popular teen book series which was created by Ann M. Martin, this is a reimagining of the original series but falls more in line with the books. The books as well as the series tells the stories of artist Claudia, natural born leader Kristy, shy Mary Anne, boy-crazy Stacey, California Girl Dawn, and their newest members which are Jessi and Mallory. Season 1 Episodes 1. Kristy's Great Idea 2. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls 4. Mary Anne Saves the Day 5. Dawn and the Impossible Three 6. Claudia and Mean Janine 7. Boy-Crazy Stacey 8. Kristy's Big Day 9. Hello Camp Moosehead p. 1 Hello Camp Moosehead p. 2 Trivia for Season 2; 1. Season 2 will be coming this summer most likely in August. 2. Xochitl Gomez won't be returning for season 2 as Dawn. 3. Kyndra Sanchez will be playing Dawn in season 2. Just for you Guys! Yes, I am a big kid! I do still have some of my BSC books. I share them with my daughter who still lives here at home. I will be adding season 2 to this post once I know the episode titles.
  18. Chapter 6 Teddy_Bear enters the chat. Psi_Pixie enters the chat. Mama_Bear enters the chat. Teddy_Bear: How is Ness, Esme? Mama_Bear: Better. We do know she was attacked by a wolf, so your father is handling it. Blondie enters the chat. Blondie: Bitch got what she deserved. Psi_Pixie: What happened, Rose? Blondie: They found out it was Leah who attacked Renesmee. She denied it of course to cover her butt. Sue confronted her about it and she admitted the truth. Billy asked to handle it with Carlisle. That is about as much as I know. Wolf_Man enters the chat. Smoky_Bear enters the chat. Wolf_Man: I thought you'd all like to know. Jacob kicked her out of his pack. Sam did the same so she is a lone wolf without a pack. If she is without a pack for too long she loses her connection to the curse and becomes full human again. Blondie: Serves the Bitch right after what she did to Ness. *Wolf_Man sighs* Wolf_Man: I agree. Leah went against the code of being a wolf. She attacked someone who is not a threat to the pack and the people of the town. There is no excuse for that. Papa_Bear enters the chat Papa_Bear: Jacob turned on Leah and the imprinting. He broke up with her for attacking Renesmee. Blondie: He did the right thing? Papa_Bear: Yes, he did. Teddy_Bear: I'm impressed. Papa_Bear: I'm happy he did. Wolf_Man: I am as well. I knew he would make right his bad decision. Angel_Eyes enters the chat Angel_Eyes: I heard he broke up with her. Wolf_Man: Yes, he did. Angel_Eyes: I can't take him back. I'm sorry, but he really screwed up by breaking my heart. Wolf_Man: I understand. *sighs* Are you going to be all right? Angel_Eyes: I think so in time.
  19. Chapter 5 Puppy_D enters the chat. Mama_Bear enters the chat. Angel_Eyes enters the chat. Puppy_D: Ness, I am so sorry this happened. Angel_Eyes: Its okay, Seth. Silver_Wolf enters the chat. Angel_Eyes leaves the chat. Silver_Wolf: Something I said? Puppy_D: Maybe she just doesn't want to be in the same chatroom with the Bitch who stole her soulmate. Puppy_D leaves the chat. Silver_Wolf: Bite me, Little Brother. Mama_Bear: I think you might want to be very careful how you speak to me, Leah. Silver_Wolf: Why? I got what I want. Mama_Bear: And you broke my Granddaughter's heart too. Silver_Wolf: So? You think I care? I have wanted Jacob for so long but he was so wrapped up in Bella and Renesmee. It was disgusting! Now, he is mine. 2LeftFeet enters the chat. 2LeftFeet: You really are a Bitch, Leah. I am glad your mom isn't dating Charlie anymore. He found someone else. Silver_Wolf: Shut up, Bella. Mom is heartbroken over Charlie breaking up with her. 2LeftFeet: Now you know how it feels, so BITE ME! Silver_Wolf leaves the chat. --------------------- (Later that night) Teddy_Bear enters the chat 2LeftFeet enters the chat. Papa_Bear enters the chat. Papa_Bear: What is going on? Leah was just here demanding to speak with you, Bella. 2LeftFeet: She got mad over what I said earlier in the chatroom. She came over to shut me up once and for all. Papa_Bear: I take it it was arguing than fist fight? 2LeftFeet: Absolutely. She lost the argument when Charlie and her mother showed up. They weren't happy with her for how she behaved toward Renesmee. Teddy_Bear: The bullying she has been doing toward Nessie? 2LeftFeet: Yep. Charlie was pissed when he found out. Papa_Bear: Language. 2LeftFeet: Sorry, Carlisle. Papa_Bear: It's all right. Psi_Pixie enters the chat. Psi_Pixie: Bella! You need to get off of here and go to Ness! Carlisle, you too! It's bad! Everyone leaves the chat.
  20. Chapter 4 Papa_Bear enters the chat. Angel_Eyes enters the chat. Papa_Bear: How are you holding up, Ness? Angel_Eyes: I'm hanging in there, Grandpa. Dad still wants to kill Jacob. Papa_Bear: I don't blame him. I do as well. 2LeftFeet enters the chat. 2LeftFeet: Renesmee, are you okay? Dad and I have been worried about you. Angel_Eyes: I'm hanging in there, Mom. Blondie enters the chat. Emo_V enters the chat. Psi_Pixie enters the chat. Blondie: Ness, Jacob is at the door. He is asking to speak to you. Angel_Eyes: No way. I have nothing to say to that creep! Nothing I want to hear from him either! Blondie: I'll tell him. Blondie leaves the chat. (A few seconds later, Angel_Eyes is privately messaged while in the chatroom by Wolf_Boy. Without saying a word in the chatroom itself, she accepts.) Angel_Eyes: What do you want, Jacob? Wolf_Boy: If you would have just come to the door, I wouldn't of had to do this in here. Angel_Eyes: What?! Wolf_Boy: I cheated on you two nights ago with Leah. It happened right after she imprinted on me. Angel_Eyes: I never want to speak to you again! Stay away from me and my family or you will be killed....DOG! (Angel_Eyes closes the private message) Angel_Eyes leaves the chat. Mama_Bear enters the chat. Mama_Bear: What is going on? Renesmee just screamed she hopes Leah dies and Jacob joins her. 2LeftFeet: Oh God! He cheated on her! Everyone leaves the chat.
  21. Chapter 3 (The following evening) 2LeftFeet enters. Emo_V enters Psi_Pixie enters. 2LeftFeet: Thank goodness that is over. Psi_Pixie: He ever pulls a stunt like that, Billy threatened to give him a vasectomy. 2LeftFeet: You sure that wasn't Charlie? Psi_Pixie: Nope. He told me himself. 2LeftFeet: Ah okay. Mama_Bear enters. 2LeftFeet: How is Nessie? Mama_Bear: She'll be fine. She is very angry with you though. Carlisle said she was muttering curse words while he was giving her something to put her to sleep before he started. 2LeftFeet: Oh crap. Emo_V: Don't worry about it, Bella. I'm sure she will get over it. 2LeftFeet: I hope so, Jazz. Papa_Bear enters: 2LeftFeet: How is she doing? Papa_Bear: Physically, she'll be fine. Emotionally, I'm not so sure. 2LeftFeet: She is mad we made her get an abortion? Papa_Bear: Not just that. We found out Jacob has been hanging around Leah ever since she imprinted on him. *2LeftFeet sighs and everyone notices* Papa_Bear: Bella, are you okay? 2LeftFeet: Honestly, Dad. I have no idea. I really hope he doesn't break my daughter's heart or I will break his neck. Teddy_Bear enters chat. Teddy_Bear: I want to kill that damn dog! 2LeftFeet: What now, Emmett? Teddy_Bear: Jacob chose to break up with Nessie. Everyone leaves chat.
  22. Chapter 2 Blondie enters. Papa_Bear enters. Blondie: Carlisle, what happened? Papa_Bear: Bella and Jacob had a argument outside and he hit her. Blondie: Is she okay? Papa_Bear: She will be. Esme is still in our bedroom with her. Blondie: Where is Edward? Papa_Bear: Over chatting with Billy after he punched Jacob for hurting his wife. Blondie: Go Edward! Papa_Bear: Normally I frown on fights but that even had me angry. 2LeftFeet enters. Papa_Bear: Bella, are you all right? 2LeftFeet: Yeah. I'll be fine. Jacob on the other hand....that is another story. Papa_Bear: I'm not going over there to treat him if he needs it. Not after what he did to you. 2LeftFeet: Dad, I'm fine. Papa_Bear: This time I am putting my foot down. No one hurts you or any member of my family and gets treated by me afterwards. 2LeftFeet: Okay. Blondie: I agree with Dad, Bella. That Dog deserves what he gets. 2LeftFeet: I know. Blondie: He is just still pissed you chose my brother over him. Papa_Bear: Rose, watch the language in my presence. Bella, your sister is correct. 2LeftFeet: I know. Teddy_Bear enters. Teddy_Bear: Bella, I think you better go talk to your daughter. 2LeftFeet: Why? What happened? Teddy_Bear: If I just heard correctly, that wasn't the first time those two were doing the "Nasty." Papa_Bear: What do you mean, Emmett? Teddy_Bear: I just overheard Nessie on the phone. She has a secret she has been keeping. 2LeftFeet: WHAT?! Teddy_Bear: She told Jacob she is pregnant. 2LeftFeet: OMG! Papa_Bear: I am going to kill that damn dog! 2LeftFeet leaves chat. Papa_Bear leaves chat. Emo_V enters. Emo_V: OMG! Teddy_Bear: Tell me about it. Our niece is gonna have a baby. Emo_V: Emmett! She is pregnant to a damn dog! Teddy_Bear: I know that, Jasper! Blondie: Major fireworks happening in the Cullen house at the moment. Emo_V: No kidding, Rose. We know. Blondie leaves chat. Dream_Lover enters. Emo_V: What happened, Edward? Dream_Lover: My daughter became a statistic and I am royally pissed at the dog who is responsible. Teddy_Bear: I mean what are they planning to do? Dream_Lover: They want to have the baby. Carlisle said if they do, they can't live here. Teddy_Bear: So? Dream_Lover: Carlisle is planning to do the abortion tomorrow afternoon here in his office. Teddy_Bear: Wait. Did you say your in Dad's office? Dream_Lover: Yeah. You aren't the only one who sneaks in his office when he is at work. Teddy_Bear: Edward, Dad is in the livingroom with Mom. They are watching a movie. Dream_Lover: Oh shit. Dream_Lover leaves the chat. Teddy_Bear leaves the chat. Emo_V leaves the chat. Blondie leaves the chat.
  23. What if our favorite Twilight characters all had internet and had a chatroom of their own online? 2LeftFeet: Bella Dream_Lover: Edward Teddy_Bear: Emmett Blondie: Rosalie Papa_Bear: Carlisle Mama_Bear: Esme Psi_Pixie: Alice Emo_V: Jasper Angel_Eyes: Renesmee/Nessie Wolf_Boy: Jacob Puppy_D: Seth Silver_Wolf: Leah Smoky_Bear: Charlie Wolf_Man: Billy **These are for all chapters!** -------------------- Chapters 1. Fights 2. Secrets 3. More Secrets and Rumors 4. Secrets Revealed 4. The Meltdown 5. Bite Me! Chapter 1 2LeftFeet enters. Blondie enters. Angel_Eyes enters. 2LeftFeet: Renesmee! What are you doing in here? Angel_Eyes: Mom, I am 15 years old! I am old enough to be in a chatroom. Besides, the rest of the family is. Dream_Lover enters. Angel_Eyes: Dad, please tell Mom I am old enough to be in here. Dream_Lover: Ness, I don't even think you are, so don't try it. Angel_Eyes: Aunt Rose? Blondie: Don't go putting me in the middle of this, Nessie. I agree with your mom. Angel_Eyes: Shit! Dream_Lover: Renesmee! Blondie: Renesmee! 2LeftFeet: Renesmee! Angel_Eyes: Sorry.... Angel_Eyes leaves the chat. Papa_Bear enters. Mama_Bear enters. Teddy_Bear enters. Mama_Bear: Bella, why did Nessie come to me crying? 2LeftFeet: She got yelled at for swearing in here by three of us. Papa_Bear: Bella, this is normal for teenagers. Wolf_Boy enters. Wolf_Boy: WTF Bella? Nessie just called bawling her eyes out. 2LeftFeet: Spare me your input, Jacob. I don't want to hear it. Wolf_Boy: Bitch. Papa_Bear: Watch your mouth if you want to keep it, Jacob. Wolf_Boy leaves chat. Blondie: Uh Bella? Their is a teenager streaking throughout the house and Jacob just came over. Papa_Bear: Huh? Mama_Bear: Huh? Teddy_Bear: Uh oh. 2LeftFeet leaves chat. Dream_Lover leaves chat. Teddy_Bear: Oh boy. Bella is pissed. Emo_V enters. Emo_V: Could someone explain to me why Edward just spanked Nessie? Mama_Bear: Nessie has been misbehaving so your brother is disciplining her. Teddy_Bear: Esme, why does Edward now have Jacob in a headlock? Emo_V: Because he caught him in Nessie's room doing the "Nasty." with her. Papa_Bear leaves chat. Emo_V: Ouch! Carlisle just threw Jacob out of the house. Mama_Bear: You blame him? She is only 15. Papa_Bear enters. Papa_Bear: I had to take out the trash. Mama_Bear: I heard. Papa_Bear: After I made him think twice before taking advantage of my granddaughter. Emo_V leaves chat. Teddy_Bear leaves chat. Blondie leaves chat. Papa_Bear: Something I said? Mama_Bear: No. Bella just came into our room crying. Mama_Bear leaves chat. Papa_Bear leaves chat.
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